Woodland coverage by district

How much of Warwickshire is woodland?

Trees play a role in removing, or “sequestering”, some of the emissions we produce, because they absorb CO2 through photosynthesis. According to the ONS, in 2017 the woodland in the UK removed an estimated 18 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 4% of the total UK greenhouse gas emissions in that year, not including shipping or aviation.

As of March 2021, woodland covered about 3.2 million hectares of the UK’s land area, equivalent to 13%. Tree planting is a core part of the Warwickshire strategy to meet our net zero goals, with the ambition to plant a tree for every Warwickshire resident over the next few years.

The table below shows the amount of tree-covered woodland in each of the Warwickshire district and boroughs, as of 2019. The data is based on areas of trees of at least 0.5 hectares, wider than 20 metres, with a minimum of 20% canopy cover, or the potential to achieve it:

District Percentage in 2019
Nuneaton and Bedworth 5%
Rugby 5%
North Warwickshire 8%
Warwick 7%
Stratford upon avon 7%

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