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Trees are one of the most essential contributors to life on earth.

As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air. The trees then store the harmful carbon in their roots and in the soil and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Though people perhaps don’t often think much about them, trees provide many benefits to us, every single day. Over the last 100 years, humans have dramatically reduced the amount of trees on our planet, both through the deforestation of jungle and rainforest regions around the world and, much closer to home, the expansion of urban areas, which have removed large amounts of ancient woodland in the UK.

We now need trees more than ever!

In order for the UK to meet its 2030 carbon net-zero target, it is going to need to plant millions more trees across the country. This is why the Woodland Trust are reaching out to schools, colleges and community groups to offer them a range of free tree planting kits to create a variety of new wooded areas and extensive habitats for animals.

We are supporting the Woodland Trust on our own ambition to plant a tree for every person in the county, but we also want to ensure that everyone is aware of the tree-planting kit offer that the Trust are currently running.

Who can apply for a tree planting kit?

  • Schools across the UK, plus nurseries, colleges, universities and outdoor learning centres.
  • All kinds of different groups such as resident associations, sports clubs, parish councils, scouts, guides and many more.
  • Residents don’t need to belong to an official organisation, they could even set up a group for the purpose of planting, but it must be not-for-profit.

The most important thing is that groups are willing to take on the planning, planting and care of the saplings.

How much space is needed for planting?

The trees can be planted as copses, groves, avenues, shelter belts, hedgerows and in a variety of other ways.

The amount of space needed will differ depending on how the trees are planted:

  • A 30 sapling pack will cover around one tennis court, or create 6 to 8 metres of double-row hedging.
  • A 105 sapling pack will cover 4 tennis courts, or create a double-row hedgerow of 20 to 25 metres.
  • A 420 sapling pack will cover a football pitch, or create a double-row hedgerow of 85 to100 metres.

In terms of land for planting trees, this has to be publicly assessible open space or groups will require written permission of the landowner to undertake any planting activity.

Help and advice

The Woodland Trust’s website provides a huge range of tips and advice for all stages of the planning, planting and care of saplings meaning a knowledge of horticulture, while advantageous, is certain not essential.

Apply today

Make the first steps towards your tree planting adventure and apply for pack today.

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