10 things you do to make a difference on climate change

Owl sculpture
Owl sculpture at Hartshill Hayes Country Park

Here is a list of 10 things that you can do today to start minimising your own impact on climate change:

1. Find out your environmental footprint (opens new window) – This handy tool from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) allows you to calculate your carbon and environmental footprint (in tonnes of carbon dioxide), compares it to the UK and world averages, and helps you find ways to reduce your impact.

2. Stay informed – Use this website and others like it to stay informed about climate change and its impact on all our lives. Great sources of information can be found at:

3. Get involved – Join a local community group taking action on climate change. There are a variety of groups across the whole of Warwickshire. These groups will bring you together with like-minded people and can be great fun. Many groups run events and there are usually opportunities for volunteering.

4. Make a Change: Active Travel (opens new window) – Travel is often one of the biggest parts of our carbon footprints. We would encourage you to walk or cycle for short journeys, if you can. Active travel is great for the environment and for your health and wellbeing too. Find out more about Safe and Active travel (opens new window) 

5. Make a Change: Staycations – Think twice when you are planning your next holiday – a ‘staycation’ or a holiday nearer home can make a big saving on your carbon footprint. If you are planning a foreign holiday, explore activities you can do to offset this element of your Carbon Footprint. Carbon Footprint - Find and offset your holiday footprint (opens new window) 

6. Make a Change: Your Home – Is your home well insulated, warm and inexpensive to run? If so, that’s great. For everyone else, your homes could be losing a lot of energy, leading to higher bills and increasing your carbon emissions. Visit Act On Energy for great advice on how to make your home as efficient as it can be. Act On Energy (opens new window) 

7. Make a Change: Your electricity – You could switch to a supplier that offers 100% renewable energy. More and more energy companies are moving away from fossil fuels and investing in renewable sources of energy generation such as solar, wind and tidal. You could also explore the possibilities of having solar panels and battery storage installed on your home. Visit Solar Together to see how affordable this could be for you (opens new window)

8. Make a Change: The food you eat – The sustainability of food is complicated. As ethical consumers, we try to support local producers, avoid plastic packaging and reduce food waste, all the while trying to keep our families healthy and happy.

The evidence is clear though – if we want to help tackle climate change, one of the most effective actions we can take is to reduce our intake of meat and dairy products. BBC - Climate change food calculator: What's your diet's carbon footprint? (opens new window)

9. Make a Change: Buy less stuff – Everything we buy has an impact on the environment – from the production of the raw materials through to its eventual disposal. Do you really need all that stuff? Could you repair, or reuse, something instead?

When you do shop, try to find eco-friendly products or ‘pre-loved’ items. Reuse shops operate at Household Waste Recycling Centres across Warwickshire. Age UK Coventry and Warwickshire - reuse shops (opens new window)

10. Spread the Word – One of the most powerful things you can do as an individual is spread the word about climate change, its impact and the things that we can all do as individuals to make a difference.

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