Chesterton Windmill
Photo by Nick Cockman

Energy projects

Buying only 100% green energy

We only buy 100% green energy to power our various office locations, buildings and the county's streetlighting.

Energy efficient homes

To make your home or small business as energy efficient as possible, you can ask Act on Energy for help. They are a local organisation providing free, impartial advice on all things energy, including access to various insulation grants.

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Solar energy

Many of our building locations in Warwickshire employ solar panel technology to produce electricity through renewable means and this will continue to expand.  

For residents also wanting to use renewable energy, Solar Together is an innovative scheme offering high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage. It is a group buying scheme, which brings Warwickshire housholds together to buy high quality solar panels at a competitive price. You also benefit from our expert solar panel buyers, who guide you through the process and keep you fully informed.

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Electricity emissions represented 58% of carbon emissions from our corporate estate in 2014/15 and have been targeted as priority for long term investment.  

Of the 52,000 streetlights in Warwickshire, 86% are now LED lanterns and 6% are Cosmopolis, another low energy technology.  

This more efficient technology and the continued use of part-night street lighting, where streetlights are turned off between 12am and 6am, means emissions from streetlights continue to decrease, despite further housing and road developments.  

Streetlighting now represents just 28% of our carbon footprint.

Highway maintenance

Laying asphalt at lower temperatures means less energy is used to make it and keep it warm. We will soon move to using low temperature asphalt for the maintenance of our roads.  


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