To meet the challenge of net zero, organisations throughout the UK need to decarbonise their buildings. We have therefore made a commitment to make all our corporate buildings carbon neutral by 2030 or sooner.

Decarbonising our estate

We already have 15 council buildings that generate electricity from renewables, mostly from roof-mounted solar panels. Together, they have a combined capacity of 284kW and avoid 51 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Grants received in 2021 from the Department of Business, Energy & industrial Strategy’s decarbonisation scheme mean we can now extend this work even further. So work is underway to identify the remaining decarbonisation options across our building estate and to develop plans on how we will replace those systems reliant on fossil fuels with low-carbon alternatives.

Our heat decarbonisation plan

WCC publish a building energy consumption review each year, where we report energy use for every operational property in our portfolio.

Building Energy Review

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