Team Springboard CIC Community Roots – growing together

Team Springboard CIC Community Roots – Growing Together

Community roots will be strengthened in Bishopton as Team Springboard Community Interest Company (CIC) grows its model of enhancing wellbeing through nature activities, thanks to Green Shoots Funding.

The £25, 000 Green Shoots funding will enable Team Springboard to enhance its operation in the village of Bishopton, outside Stratford-upon-Avon. This will include:

  • Developing a network of publicly accessible community gardens created by resident-volunteers in the local community; and
  • Develop a Green Programme of workshops and interactive activities spread across all the locations to inspire residents and local people around key issues relating to biodiversity, sustainability and climate change.

The three key outcomes that will be delivered by this project are:

  1. To build knowledge, skills and confidence of residents to grow their own food because it is cheaper, healthier, tastier and has a much lower carbon footprint;
  2. To increase awareness of sustainability – to support residents to grow and look after their local environment whether urban or rural in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way through activities like water harvesting, companion growing to reduce pests, recycling of materials and creating wildlife-friendly habitats; and
  3. To increase the physical and mental health and wellbeing of Bishopton residents – The design and development of Community Gardens will develop long lasting connections between residents as they develop networks of support.

Team Springboard’s Community Roots has its origins just before the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, in early 2020, when they started work on a 12-month pilot Community Garden on Baker Avenue in Bishopton in partnership with Social Housing provider Orbit and Warwick District Council.

Despite the lockdown, the Baker Avenue project was a huge success supporting people and enabling them to get out, enjoy the space and connect with nature. Team Springboard has been able to offer volunteering and training opportunities as well as providing the residents with a beautiful outdoor space while developing strong working relationships with local organisations.

Team Springboard will be using Green Shoots funding alongside further match funding from Orbit and money from a variety of other organisations, to build on the success of the Baker Avenue pilot and deliver more community gardens across Bishopton. 

Kirstie Kelly, Founding Director of Team Springboard CIC, said: “We are so excited to expand the Community Garden network in Bishopton, to share our love of nature and the outdoors, increase biodiversity and to up-skill residents to become more sustainable in the fight against Climate Change.”

Further information can be found online about Team Springboard CIC.

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