The replacement of Wixford Village Hall

Artist impression of Wixford Hall

The hamlet of Wixford plans to have a new, environmentally friendly, village hall thanks to the Warwickshire County Council Green Shoots Community Climate Change Fund.

The £24,066 in funding will enable the Wixford community to replace the currently dilapidated and damp village hall with a building that is energy efficient and fit for the 21st century, where it will once again be a vibrant hub for the local community. This will include:

  • Low carbon air-source heat pumps as the primary heating and cooling system. It will extract heat from the surroundings and use it to heat the building;
  • A mechanical ventilation system that will include heat recovery to further improve energy efficiency;
  • High-grade insulation; and
  • Air-tightness measures to minimize heat losses and infiltration.

The new village hall is forecast to deliver an 83% reduction in CO2 emissions for each hour the hall is used when compared to that of the old building.

Green Shoots funding is only one part of the story for the project, which is a remarkable example of efficient construction through material re-use. The existing village hall structure is to be removed, and, thanks to a donation from a member of the local community, a modern steel-framed structure with a slightly larger physical footprint will be erected in its place. This method will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of construction compared to a new build.

The commitment to recycling materials also includes reusing the donated building’s doors, windows and many of its internal fittings as part of the new construction in Wixford.

Work on the construction of the new village hall will begin in Spring 2022 and is expected to be completed by Autumn 2022. At that point, Wixford will once again have a vibrant focal point for the local community and one that is ready to play its part and mitigate its impact on climate change.

John Cain, Chairman of Wixford Village Hall, said: “We were delighted that we were able to receive the support of the Warwickshire County Council Green Shoots funding scheme as it will greatly help in achieving our aim of minimising the carbon footprint of the new Village Hall”


Further information can be found on Wixford Village Hall website and on Facebook .

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