Plastic free living

Could you manage without plastic?

The Plastic Free Leamington & Warwick group have an ambition to make Leamington and Warwick plastic free towns.

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They say:

"Plastic pollution has sadly become synonymous with any coastal or water activity, from walks along the canal or riverside, beach holidays to wildlife watching – it is simply an expected part of our experience. This is why marine plastic pollution, and specifically tackling society’s throwaway, excessive or unnecessary plastic culture, is now a top priority for all of us. Plastic pollution is an issue that connects the environment with all parts of society, and is something that we can take action on at every level. Indeed, it will only be through concrete, collective, positive action that we will be able to catalyse the shift that is needed to stop the flood of plastic pollution from overwhelming our world.”

We may be far from the ocean in Warwickshire, but we have plenty of canals and green spaces to enjoy. And unfortunately, discarded plastic is a common sight across Warwickshire.

What can you do to reduce your plastic use?

The best way to reduce your plastic use is to avoid buying it in the first place. Avoid single-use coffee cups, swap your plastic straws for metal ones, invest in a reusable water bottle and choose sustainable food wraps rather than cling film. Buy your fruit and vegetables loose rather than those wrapped in plastic bags and use solid bars of soap instead of plastic bottles.

Find out more tips on reducing your plastic footprint from the WWF.

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Finally, if you want to do more to fight plastic pollution, visit the Surfers Against Sewage website to find out how you might get involved, either locally here in Warwickshire, or next time you are lucky enough to be at the beach for a holiday.

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